Luke Seager


WordPress Persistent Login is a plugin that I have created and maintain.

Visit the official WP Persistent Login website.

What does it do?

WordPress Persistent Login keeps users logged into a website forever, in a safe and secure way. It’s similar to how you hardly ever have to login to websites like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Why do I care?

If you’re a potential client, you probably won’t care about WordPress Persistent Login. But you might take comfort in knowing that I have developed and maintain an official WordPress plugin.

How do I get Persistent Login?

You can download the free version of WordPress Persistent Login from the WordPress Plugin Directory. 

Download WordPress Persistent Login

You can also search ‘Persistent Login’ from the WordPress Dashboard by visiting the Add New Plugin page.

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about WordPress Persistent Login, visit the dedicated website below.

WordPress Persistent Login Website´╗┐

More Work


If you want your website to start working for you, contact me here and we can discuss your needs.