Luke Seager



Most web designers will focus on creating a great design, without stopping to think about how their website will create more results for you, the client.

Having a pretty website is all well and good. But how many times have you had your website re-built the following year by someone else?

That’s where you’re going wrong.

Continuous Improvement

It’s almost impossible for a website to succeed if you don’t keep improving it after the big launch.

Numerous times I’ve seen clients pay thousands of pounds for a new website, only to let it gather dust in the corner while their focus switches back to something else, now that their new website is ‘done’.

The Solution

I focus on giving you an ongoing improvement plan to help your website (and therefore your business) succeed in the long term.

The website I design and build for you will be focussed around engaging the visitor, encouraging them to view your content and, most importantly, contacting you.

Lets get started

If you’re up for the challenge of taking your digital marketing to the next level, contact me today and we can discuss your needs.


If you want your website to start working for you, contact me here and we can discuss your needs.